PLASTISOL INK -The most common ink for screen printed T-shirts. A dispersion of resin in a plasticizer, forming a liquid or paste that gels when heated. Plastisol has the heaviest hand of any of our screen printing inks which is why we promote waterbase or discharge for soft hand decorations.

PLASCHARGE -An additive that combined with plastisol ink gives the new mixture some characteristics of a discharge print. While the hand will not be as soft as a waterbase or discharge print, it allow us to guarantee PMS color matching where with discharge we cannot guarantee exact PMS matches.

WATERBASE -A screen printing ink that delivers a very soft print. Normally reserved for light color garments. See discharge for waterbase printing on dark garments.

DISCHARGE -The best way for us to deliver the softest print on dark garments you will ever feel. By screen printing with discharge, the dye in the garment is replaced with a color of your choice. Normally reserved for 100% cotton garments, however some blends will produce great results. Discharge is a waterbased product with an activator in the ink to promote the needed reaction.

DISCHARGE UNDERBASE -Using discharge only as an underbase and printing either plastisol or softhand plastisol colors on top. This process enables us to more accurately match PMS colors than with straight discharge.

SOFTHAND -An additive when added to plastisol ink gives the new ink soft hand characteristics after printed and cured. Works best for light colored garments, if looking for soft hand on dark colored garments we recommend straight discharge or discharge underbase.

FOUR COLOR PROCESS -process for reproducing artwork with many colors in a close approximation to the original artwork by printing only four colors — yellow, cyan, magenta, and black.

SIMULATED PROCESS -Using four color process principles while not being limited to only four colors. Simulated process is normally printed on dark garments.

FLASH -When printing a light color ink on a dark garment a flash is used to quickly heat the ink to stage where it is dry but not yet cured. Once the ink is “flashed” second application of ink is printed to make the desired color opaque.

COLOR CHANGE -When printing the same logo but the color of the logo changes.

COPY CHANGE -Keeping the integrity of the Logo intact, however changing a minor element like surrounding text or date.

OVERSIZE SCREEN PRINTING -Screen Printing larger than our standard imprint area of 15" x 17". With Oversize printing we are able to print designs up to 17.5" x 25".

JUMBO SCREEN PRINTING -Screen Printing larger than our Oversize imprint area of 17.5" x 25" With Jumbo printing we are able to print designs up to 22" x 30".

PMS MATCH -A method of confirming the decoration color(s) matches the widely used Pantone Color System. Available for $40(a).

IN STOCK PMS COLORS -Flying Colors stocks 66 PMS colors that are available to all customers at no additional charge.

TEXTURE & SPECIALTY INKS -A Base or Additive that is mixed into Plastisol Ink that gives the finished ink a unique look and feel. The inks that we stock are Plush, Suede, Fashion Soft, Nova, Bubble Stretch, Cork, Frost, High Density, Ice, Puff, Glitter, Sculpture, Rock, and Brittle.

GLITTER -A clear ink that can be printed on top of any color that will give the finished product a sparkly look.

REFLECTIVE INK -Reflective ink contains light-reflecting microspheres. When a garment printed with reflective ink is exposed to a focused beam of light, such as a flashlight or an automobile headlight, it reflects back to the light source.

TRANSPARENT -Ink that is printed typically on heather or pastel garments that will give the finished product a “tone on tone” or “wet” look.

FOIL -Embellishment technique that applies a shiny foil to the garment which will adhere to the garment only in the areas desired. Foil has a very retail look, however has a low wash resistance.

LIQUID SILVER/LIQUID GOLD -Ink that has the shiny characteristics of metallic ink without the flakes. Liquid Silver finished product resembles a chrome look.

METALLIC SILVER/GOLD -Shiny ink that has actual flakes in the ink.

TONE ON TONE -Decorating a garment with the same color the garment itself.

VECTOR ART -Outline based artwork, common extensions are .cdr, .eps or possibly .pdf.

.BMP -Bitmap Image File

.EPS -Encapsulated PostScript

.PDF -Portable Document Format

.CDR -Corel Draw File

.AI -Adobe Illustrator File

.TIF -Tagged Image File Format

FULL COLOR SEPARATIONS -Converting an art file to a format that enables us to create a photo realistic image on a substrate.

VINYL TRANSFERS -Traditional way of customizing garments with individual names and numbers. Vinyl transfers are applied with a Heat Press Machine.

DIGITAL TRANSFERS -High quality printing systems are used to print full color designs onto printable heat transfer material. Once the design is die-cut, each transfer is than applied to the substrate with a heat press.

DIRECT EMBROIDERY -When the machines are sewing directly to the textile, not a separate material; such as a patch.

3D PUFF EMBROIDERY -Style of embroidery which uses foam underneath the embroidery thread to achieve a raised look. The foam is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses to suit your customer's needs.

POLYNEON THREAD -Polyneon is constructed of a specially developed raw material suitable for almost any application. Vibrant colors are glossy as well as resistant to chlorine bleach; making Polyneon the ideal thread for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments and commercial linens.

RAYON THREAD -Known for its high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster. Made from 100% viscose rayon.

APPLIQUE -Applique was most commonly used in athletic apparel but has made its way into the corporate market. It offers an alternative to embroidery while reducing stitch count. Applique has a high perceived value and is great on sweatshirts, bags, jackets, and much more.

TWILL -100% polyester material that is specifically woven into a very strong durable pattern. A high gloss coating is applied to the surface of the material to give it a satin sheen. The vast majority of Major League sport teams have this style of applique.

FELT APPLIQUE -Acrylic felt is a soft and fuzzy alternative to the polyester twill. Felt applique gives a vintage look and feel.

CHINO DISTRESSED APPLIQUE -100% cotton fabric that is cut by a special fabric laser that has a unique cutting pattern which causes the material to purposely fray and curl.

FLOCK -Embellishment technique that once applied is raised off the garment and the decoration has a soft and felt like feel. Is an economical alternative to felt applique.

WRAP PRINT FOR DRINKWARE -Decoration technique on drinkware where the screen print wraps almost 360 degrees around the substrate.

BPA FREE -Refers to materials and plastics that do not contain Bisphenol A.

PLASTIC LINED -Drinkware item where the inside of the piece has a plastic lining.

STAINLESS STEEL LINED -Drinkware item where the inside of the piece has a stainless steel lining, reserved for a more higher end item.

OVERPACK -When shipping fragile items via Parcel shipping a second “overpack” box is used to help against breakage of the fragile item. Packing peanuts are used between the box that the fragile items are in and the overpack box.

LTL -Shipping product via LTL or Less Than Truckload is shipping palletized product via a Freightliner however not shipping enough to warrant sending a dedicated truck. Multiple shipments that are being shipped to the same part of the country can be sent on 1 truck to lower shipping costs. LTL shipments are less than 14 pallets.

BLIND LABEL -When drop shipping a product we ship blind label — which means the recipient of the package does not know who the sender of that package is.

DROP SHIP -Shipping a completed order directly to your customer. Drop Shipments are always sent blind label.

CPSIA STANDARDS -A Federal Law that imposes new testing and documentation requirements and sets new acceptable levels of several substances. It imposes new requirements on manufacturers of apparel shoes, personal care products, accessories, jewelry, home furnishings, bedding, toys, electronics, video games, books, school supplies, educational materials and science kits.