Good To Know

Embroidery Fonts:
Below you will find a list of our stock fonts available for Embroidery uses only. These fonts can be used to typeset text for a $30(a) charge or used for personalizations. (see page 71 for details)
Split Ship Policy:
Purchase orders that request more than one shipping location is considered to be a “Split Ship”. Flying Colors Imprinting will ship to three locations at no charge. If the number of locations exceeds three, pricing is $10(a) plus shipping per location when an Excel spreadsheet is provided
Rerun Policy for Drinkware Orders:
No charge for exact reruns for Drinkware orders within one year of the previous purchase order.
International Shipping:
Distributor is responsible for providing Flying Colors with proper documentation and Commercial Invoice. There is a $10(a) charge per location charge for international shipments and a 3rd party account is required.
Random samples are provided to distributors at no charge with a UPS or FedEX Shipper number.
Food Service Usage:
Printed drinkware in our catalog is not thought to withstand the repeated use of dish washing in heavy commercial dishwashers. We print UV ink and is tested to last up to 500 washes.
Fix It:
Any issue with a delivered product needs to be directed to our Fix It Department within 30 days of receiving product. The Fix It staff member will provide you with a detailed resolution.
Logo Representation:
The use of all designs and logos within the catalog are not intended for endorsements by the owner but used as a representation of imprinting capabilities.
Over/Under Runs:
With constant effort to ship the quantities reflected on the provided Purchase Order, Flying Colors reserves the right to ship up to 1% over or under run, Orders will be invoiced accordingly.
Recommended Art Program Formats - PC:
  • CorelDraw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Please Note: We reserve the right to determine what is production ready art and some art may incur extra art charges.
Customer will be notified before any new artwork is created, and an approval of artwork is required before production begins.
Artwork Tips:
  • Convert text to curves or outlines
    (Font matching cannot be guaranteed)
  • Save vector art as an .eps, .pdf, .cdr or .ai file
  • Save bitmaps as an .bmp or .tif
    (black and white only at 800 dpi or higher)
  • Type size minimum of 6 points