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  • Softest print on dark garments
  • Discharge is a Waterbase Ink with an activator
  • Replace the dye in the shirt with color of your choice
  • 100% Cotton garments work, however some blends produce great results
  • Discharge can be used as an under base with Plastisol on top
  • Screen Printing Ink that delvers a very soft hand
  • Normally reserved for light garments
  • Historically the most common ink used in textile screen printing
  • A dispersion of resin in a plasticizer, forming a liquid or paste when heated
  • Has the heaviest hand of all the screen printing inks
Simulated Process
  • Using four color process principles while not being limited to 4 colors to produce photo realistic textile screen printing
  • Normally reserved for dark garments
  • Image area up to 22” x 30”
  • Can print specialty ink with Jumbo Printing
  • Covers the front of a Gildan XL T-shirt (Excluding sleeves)
  • Image area up to 17.5” x 25”
  • Great for printing larger on Ladies garments that are too small for Jumbo
  • 1.5X the cost of standard printing
  • Can print on a wider range of sizes without needing multiple sets of screens
Texture & Specialty Inks
  • A base or additive that is mixed into Plastisol ink that gives the finished product a unique look or feel
  • Types of Specialty Inks are Plush, Suede, Fashion Soft, Nova, Bubble Stretch, Cork, Frost, High Density, Ice, Puff, Glitter, Sculpture, Rock, and Brittle
  • A type of Speciality Ink that reduces the feel of Plastisol ink
  • Not as soft as waterbase or discharge
  • Works best on light colored garments
Liquid Silver/Liquid Gold
  • Ink that has the shiny characteristics of metallic without the flakes
  • Finished product resembles a chrome look
  • No up charge as with metallic screen printing ink

Transparent Ink

  • Ink that is typically printed on heather or pastel garments that will give the finished product a “tone on tone” or “wet” look


Glitter Ink
  • A clear ink that can be printed on top of any color that will give the finished product a sparkly look

  • No up charge as with metallic screen printing ink
  • No up charge as with metallic screen printing ink